The natural way for emotional healing
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Bach system is a a worldwide well-respected method of healing for negative emotions and personalities. There are 38 basic remedies in the system.

Each remedy treats a specific negative emotional such as worry, fear, anxiety or anger, just to name a few. It works by encouraging the corresponding positive quality that lies dormant in us, without suppressing negative state, for example intolerance into understanding towards others or despair into positive faith and hope.

Bach Flower Remedies has been used in 80 over countries since it was established in 1936. Bach Flower Remedies are natural, simple to use and they are not habit forming.


For Who?

Bach flower remedies are natural and can be taken by anyone; including babies, children, animals and even plants!

How to take the remedies?

Taking the remedies is simple: 4 times daily, 4 drops each time. You can mix a personal bottle too.

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